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Peel & Reseal Labels

Readability’s multi-layer peel and reseal labels are superior to standard “peel and reveal” labels because they allow the front or outer page to reseal once peeled open.

They are manufactured with a specialist combination of pattern adhesives and tags, allowing the front page to be retained.

About our peel & reseal labels

Peel and reseal multi-layer labels are produced using two processes: flexo print for the inside and digital print for the branded “buy me” messaging outside.

Lighter weight materials are used for small circumference bottles to ensure the label stays firmly attached to the product throughout its intended lifespan.

By using Readability’s peal and reseal labels, you can ensure that your product’s branded front, outer label will go on looking professional and attractive, while the inner, readable “warn and inform” information is retained on the inside – even while the product is in use.

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