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Printed Labels, Boxes & Pouches

With a wide range of products, including various paper options, synthetic materials, multiple finishes and embellishments, choosing the right packaging can be a challenge.

Readability can provide a range of solutions including labels, boxes, patient information leaflets and pouches, for a variety of industries including CBD, e-liquid, supplements, pharmaceutical and food & drink.

Printed Boxes

We specialise in custom printed boxes & printed 10ml bottle and vial boxes, which are suitable for a variety of industries.

Waterproof Labels

When it comes to waterproof labels, material, ink and adhesive are key. We use durable synthetic materials, specialist inks and strong adhesive to ensure your label is waterproof, UV resistant and durable.

Talk to the Experts

Our friendly team of sticky label experts are ready to help you. Get in touch to discuss your specific printed and plain label requirements.

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