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Flexo or Digital Label Printing?

Published by Chris Edney on 27th August 2019 | General

This is almost an irrelevant question for most printed label buyers these days. The print quality, longevity, colour matching and finishes available are so closely matched that speed of turnaround and cost are usually the deciding factors.

Readability will supply you with beautiful labels to suit your brand design, timescales and budget. Rather than drive you down the flexo or digital printing route to fill the hungry mouths of existing print equipment we will discuss the options with you as part of our “know your label” plan.

Flexo printing uses individually etched printing plates and liquid inks to transfer the image onto the label surface. Each colour has a separate plate. Utilising the latest registration and camera checking equipment and techniques the printed image is built up with the different colours to produce a superb quality print.

Digital printing (HP Indigo) also uses liquid ink but it is electronically charged and attracted to a Photo Imaging Plate which can be re-imaged with a new image for every revolution of the drum. The ink is attracted by an electric charge rather than physical contact. There is no need to buy a plate per colour. The image to be printed is sent to the press digitally straight from the artwork file.

Digital printing wins when

  1. There are small volumes or multiple designs because there are no expensive plate or artwork costs to cover
  2. Super fast delivery lead times are required. With no plates to make and from print ready artwork we can deliver within 48 hours on most standard print runs
  3. Individual personalisation of the image is required

Flexo can be the answer when

  1. Volumes are higher. The running cost of flexo once set up and printing are typically lower per linear metre than that of the digital press. The costs reduce as the volume increases.
  2. A particularly unusual substrate is required. There are more than 300 substrates available to print with flexo.
  3. You wish to exactly match your self-adhesive print with a flexo printed carton or other flexo printed packaging or marketing.

Of course there are many other factors taken into account when advising and pricing a label print job. Talking to the label experts at Readability will help you make the right choice. Please give us a call now on 01440 712273 to discuss your next printed label requirement.

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