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Who would have thought chubby gorilla bottles would be a thing?

Published by Chris Edney on 27th August 2019 | General

And it would cause such a stir amongst e-liquid suppliers.

Has it caused the 10ml e-liquid bottle to plunge into terminal decline? Here at Readability, we thought we had developed a perfectly workable solution to the TPD compliant e-liquid bottle labelling problem. Simples! A 10ml size peel and reseal label on a synthetic material, with a variety of finishes from brushed chrome to matt satin, with or without an integrated tactile warning triangle. These will suit automatic or hand application, do not ping open and stay stuck to the bottle under all conditions. Wow, great solution, it really works and allows blinging front label design for true stand-out shelf appeal and the ability to put all the TPD stuff on the inside 2 pages….and even space for a bit of marketing.

We sold 75 million of these TPD compliant e-liquid labels last year.

Then along comes the gorilla, chubby gorilla 50ml, 60ml, 70ml, 100ml and bigger bottles called “short fills” with space in the top for a 10ml (+) Nicotine shot.

These labels are a label printers dream – usually single ply, big enough to look great and support tactile handling finishes and new label designs. Printed on a high-speed HP Indigo digital press these labels look great and typically carry a 2-3 day lead time.

What does the future hold?

Will TPD regulation extend to the diluents and flavourings?

How will the big players in the vape industry react as market share for e-liquids is slowly shifting from 10ml bottles to the short fill plus a nic shot? Will there be a pressure group offended by the use of the word “chubby” to describe a gorilla?

We don’t even pretend to have all of the answers to the future of vaping globally but we can supply you with a perfectly printed label to suit whatever size of e-liquid bottle you sell.

Please ask us for a quote, advice or send us a photo of your very own chubby gorilla.

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