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Case study: Rejuice

Published by Sam Edney on 25th November 2019 | General


Rejuice Laboratories, based in Carlow, Ireland, produces a range of flavours and juices for the European vaping community.

When they wanted to bring a new vaping innovation requiring a new approach to packaging labelling to market, they needed to find a creative, partner-focused label supplier who could help them realise a tricky bottle labelling problem.

Rejuice’s search for a supplier led them to Readability, who quickly responded with some creative ideas and solutions.

We spoke to Michael Seger, head of Sales at Rejuice head office, to find out why he chose to work with Readability and why the project worked out so well.


Rejuice wanted to bring a new vaping innovation to market, consisting of 3ml bottles of flavour with a highly innovative label.

The requirement was to come up with a way of producing a two-part 3ml flavour bottle label, the first part of which would remain on the bottle. The second part needed to be a detachable adhesive tab for fixing to a 10ml bottle of nicotine juice, so the user would always know what flavour of vape mix the bottle contained.

This innovative approach, conceived by Rejuice, would offer a number of benefits for vapers:

  1. Easy convenience: No need to carry around an unwieldy 50ml bottle of nicotine juice. Instead by adding flavour from a 3ml bottle, they can top up from a much more portable 10ml bottle.
  2. More choice: Ability to try more flavours in smaller quantities. Vapers can keep several 10ml flavoured vape mixes on the go at the same time.
  3. Less waste: Instead of adding a flavour to a 50ml bottle of nicotine only to find they don’t like it, vapers can try new flavours in less expensive, smaller quantities.

For vaping retailers, the approach meant that 1000’s of SKUs could now be kept on display, meaning more choice for the customer along with the potential for more sales revenue.

The search for a solution

When Michael Seger came across Readability at a tradeshow in 2018, he was struck by the down-to-earth, easy-going professionalism of the team.

He’d already heard of Readability as a major label supplier to the vaping industry, so he decided to run the requirement past them.

The response to my problem was fast and enthusiastic”, says Michael.

I instantly got the feeling that here was a team of experienced label professionals, not just a retail or supply outfit, but a bunch of people who had a genuine interest in helping us find a solution.”

From Michael’s perspective, it was really a ‘no brainer’ to go with Readability to source Rejuice’s new labels.

Working with Readability

Michael Seger’s intuition about Readability’s approach and commitment was not misplaced.

Understanding that any bespoke two-part label solution must be both cost-effective and capable of being mass-produced, Readability analysed his requirement and come up with a first stage prototype which, while not perfect, was extremely close to what Michael had envisaged.

The second, adjusted version was spot on, and the decision was taken to go into production.

Michael comments:

From day one, it was beautifully easy to work with Readability. I didn’t have to go over to their site in the UK. We worked everything out by phone and email, and they just got on with the job.”

Launching the product

The new 3ml flavour bottles with detachable adhesive tabs were launched in October 2019 at Vaper Expo UK at the Birmingham NEC.

Vaper Expo is the biggest vaping event in the world”, says Michael, “and we wanted to see what the response was to our new innovation.”

Thanks in no small part to Readability, our new products have gone down a treat.”

Final word

Summarising his thoughts on Readability, Michael Seger says:

“I love the fact that Readability never tried to blind me with science or bamboozle me with label jargon at any time during this process.

“They’re good, solid people who are reliable, very creative and positive. In fact, I don’t remember them ever saying “No” to me along the way.”

Next steps

If you have a complex labelling issue requiring a creative solution, call the labelling experts at Readability on 01440 712 273 or email

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