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Full Circle: How EcoLux Pouch Recycling Propels Us Towards a Closed Loop Future

Published by Cameron Fisher on 23rd January 2024 | Pouches

In the pursuit of eco-friendly packaging alternatives, EcoLux pouches emerge as a superior choice compared to traditional LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene), offering enhanced quality without compromise. What distinguishes EcoLux is not only its luxurious feel and improved performance but also its steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility. These pouches effortlessly enter the recycling stream and present a simplified route to reuse and reform, marking a significant stride towards a closed loop.

The EcoLux Recycling Process

When delving into the nitty-gritty of how EcoLux gets recycled, we need to explore the thermoplastic properties of the material. When heated to reach its melting point (around 130°C) the EcoLux material transforms into a liquid state ready for remoulding into new plastic goods or packaging.

The material can undergo repeated melt/cool/reheat cycles without significant wear and tear occurring over time. Once in liquid form, the EcoLux material is injection moulded into whatever new shape is required. This phase not only enables material conversion into different products but more importantly sets the stage for a closed-loop, circular lifecycle.

For us, an EcoLux pouch’s recyclable potential doesn’t end after just one transformation. Our pouches tap into existing large-scale recycling – setting the foundations for a closed sustainable loop. As recycling facilities upscale EcoLux collection and local authorities include such next-gen plastics for curbside pickup, we inch closer to the circular economy dream.

The Takeaway: EcoLux Pouches – A Beacon of Sustainable Packaging

As we have witnessed first-hand, EcoLux pouches represent far more than just premium, protective product packaging. With their smooth recyclability journey laying the blueprint, they have come to symbolise a new wave of sustainability in packaging without compromise. Adopting custom EcoLux pouches is no longer just an operational decision, but a strategic declaration of intent – joining the movement towards a waste-free, recycling-centric future.

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