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Looking after each other in unprecedented times

Published by Chris Edney on 03rd April 2020 | General

I think we can all agree times are crazy at the moment. We feel privileged to have such amazing customers and a strong supply chain.

Our customer, Freshmist, has recently started producing “Stay Safe Hand Sanitiser” and had the need for labels to help get this product to market quickly…

They contacted our wonderful Operations Director, Philippa, on 30th March to place an order for a new size of blank label for their inkjet colour printer.

Readability were able to turn the order around within 24 hours.

One day after placing the order, Freshmist have the labels and are already shipping hand sanitiser to those in need.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the team at Freshmist. Our manufacturing site in the North East were running low on hand sanitiser which is essential to protect our workforce. When Freshmist found out, they dispatched a case of hand sanitiser on an overnight delivery to our team.

If you’re looking for labels in a hurry, you know where we are. And if you need hand sanitiser, please do contact the team at Freshmist.

Readability provide a range of specialist printed labels and packaging for even the most complex and custom product needs. Choose from a wide range of paper and synthetic label materials with multiple finishes and embellishments. We supply self-adhesive sticker labels suitable for frozen products, super-hot automotive parts and water or oil-based environments, as well as standard pallet, box end and barcode labels. For further information, contact the team on 01440 712 273, email hello@readability.co.uk or complete our contact form here.

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