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New EU regulations on thermal labels

Published by Chris Edney on 22nd October 2019 | General

EU regulation 2016/2235 comes into force in January 2020 and states that all thermal labels and papers sold in Europe must be BPA free.

What is BPA and why should I care?

Bisphenol A is a synthetic, organic compound widely used as a colour developer in thermal papers. It helps the paper react to the heat from the thermal print head. BPA is also widely used in many other products. Recent concerns around the potential toxicity of BPA have led to a ban on the use in papers above 0.02%

What has Readability done so far?

In anticipation of the forthcoming regulations all labels supplied by Readability are now BPA free and conform to EU regulation 2016/2235

What should I do about it?

  • Check if the thermal labels you currently use are BPA free
  • Buy your guaranteed BPA free labels from Readability
  • Ensure any stocks of BPA labels are destroyed before the end of the year

As ever the team at Readability is up to date with current legislation changes. Readability’s labels are used to boost shelf appeal and consumer recognition as well as to warn and inform on products used in blast freezers, super-heated automotive settings, medicines and pet foods.

With a particular interest and knowledge base in multiple sort, fast turnaround digitally printed labels we would be delighted to take your call and discuss the best way for you to have the labels you want, when you want them.

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