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Enjoy outstanding shelf appeal for your CBD products

Published by Chris Edney on 10th September 2019 | General

CBD is big business in the UK right now. This hugely popular natural product is now available in many different forms, from e-liquid to lip balm.

But while there is a big opportunity to get into the market early on, you’ve also got a lot of competition – so you have to make your products stand out to get noticed. A big part of that involves ensuring you have eye-catching labels on your products that stand out on the shelf and attract customers.

We’ve got years of experience printing the best-quality labels for products of all kinds, and that includes providing labels for a range of CBD products.

Businesses trust us to deliver the best – so how exactly can we help you?

Boost your shelf appeal

Having a great product is just the first stage if you want to be successful in the CBD niche. Coming up with a great product is one thing, but making sure everyone knows it? That’s harder.

How do you make sure your product stands out?

When your target customers go into a shop, they’ll see all the CBD products lined up on the shelves. And the one thing that is going to stand out more than anything else is the label.

A high-quality label can give your shelf appeal a genuine boost by making use of the best materials and taking advantage of special finishes. This is especially important if your product is new and your brand awareness is still relatively low.

Every little helps when it comes to making your products stand out, and the right label could make the difference between success and failure.

Indestructible labels

Our shelf-ready labels have been used on everything from e-liquid bottles to jam jars over the years, and they have several properties that make them ideal.

Waterproof, suitable for fridge or freezer storage, food-grade, tamper-evident – the list goes on.

Many of our labels are indestructible. They are designed to be fully resistant to oil and liquids so you know they will look great on the shelf long after you have shipped them to the store. While other labels may start to fade, yours will look like new.

Our waterproof labels are synthetic and can withstand physical abrasion. So if people pick them up, the labels will not be affected by scratching or smudging – that’s important when curious customers want to take a look at your product.

They can even withstand storage outside and exposure to chemicals and hot water if necessary.

Peel & reseal labels

Some of our most popular labels for CBD products are the Peel & Reseal labels. If you’re not familiar with these, they are essentially multi-layer labels (also known as piggyback labels) where you peel away the top layer to reveal extra information on additional labels beneath.

These have several advantages. By creating extra print space where space is at a premium (e.g. on small bottles), you can add:

  • Marketing messages
  • Multiple languages
  • Consumer information
  • Warnings and information

You can use them to reduce the labels required for your products as well as the application time. All of which can lower costs – which can be very useful when launching a new product.

They also come in virtually any size and shape, in various material types and with different print finishes like gloss, masse and spot varnish, so you can make your labels stand out and get noticed – going back to shelf appeal.

Experience matters

Choosing a label provider for your CBD products is not something you should do lightly. There are many label providers out there, but very few genuine experts with the experience you need to make a success of your products.

We have many years’ experience in labelling, providing labels of all shapes, sizes and materials for a wide range of products.

We’ll take the stress and hassle out of ordering your labels. There is enough to do when you are trying to run a successful business in a competitive industry. When you choose us for your labels, you know that you can leave it all to us without having to worry about unexpected hiccups causing problems and delays.

Fast turnaround every time

Speaking of delays, don’t forget that we offer an incredibly fast turnaround on label orders. For stock labels, we can get these back to you the very next day (depending on when you complete your order).

For custom labels, we aim to get these back to you within 3-4 days. That is a lot faster than many other label companies will be able to provide you with. When we say we’re fast, we really mean it.

Order your CBD labels today

For the best quality labels for your CBD products with fast delivery and great prices, you are in the right place.

Labels that can make all the difference with your marketing, helping to give you the edge and boost your brand awareness. The CBD market is very competitive, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to stand out.

Contact us today for a free sample pack and feel free to ask us any questions you have. Let’s help your CBD products stand out!

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