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Next day delivery on blank labels for your Epson, Kiaro!, Memjet colour inkjet label printers

Published by Chris Edney on 10th September 2019 | Labels

You already know how important it is to print beautiful labels that get your products noticed and boost their shelf appeal.

But to do that, you need to be able to rely upon a supply of high-quality stock labels made to the right size and from the best materials – and you need to be able to get your hands on them when you need them without waiting around.

It’s not always easy!

Many providers take too long to get your labels to you, and when they arrive, they are not the quality labels you were expecting.

That’s where we think we can help.

Next-day delivery on stock labels

Speed is of the essence when it comes to printing labels for your products. You categorically do not want to be left waiting when you’re desperate to print off your labels, but that’s exactly what happens to a lot of businesses.

So, we made a firm commitment at Readability right from the start to ensure we provided super-fast delivery times for all our orders.

Check out the stock sizes ready for same day despatch here

There are a couple of things you need to be aware of:

  • We can only get your order back to you the next day if you complete your order by 12:30 pm.
  • Next-day delivery refers to the next working day, so not weekends.
  • Next day is available on all our stock labels sizes

If that sounds fair, give us a try yourself – make an order before 12.30 pm and set the timer!

We stock the most common sizes

If you need blank labels for any of your products (e.g. e-liquid bottles), we stock the most popular sizes, so we’ve always got them ready to send out at a moment’s notice.

We stock White Gloss PP Labels for Epson C3500, Epson C7500G and Kiaro! printers in the following sizes:

  • 30mm x 60mm
  • 80mm x 90mm

(Full details of our stock sizes can be found here.)

Bespoke sizes in just 4 days!

We know very well that stock sizes are not always appropriate and sometimes you need something a bit different.

We can provide you with inkjet labels in any size or shape, so we can always help you out with your inkjet labels whatever you need. Just tell us the dimensions you require and the size of the order, and we will give you a quick quote.

We have master rolls of raw material to-hand as well as die-cutting machines at the ready, so we can quickly make labels of any size.

Even better, once you confirm your order, we will add it to the schedule right away and we’ll get to work on your labels so we can get them back to you in just 4 days.

Labels for any colour inkjet label printer

What type of inkjet label printer do you have in the office? To be honest, it doesn’t really matter because we have inkjet labels for most label printers, such as:

  • Epson (C7500 & C3500)
  • Kiaro!
  • Primera
  • VIP
  • Swiftcolor
  • Memjet

Whichever printer you have, we can provide you with the labels you need – just give us a shout if you have any questions.

Which inkjet labels are right for your business?

With so many labels to choose from, making the right choice can be confusing!

But we can help you there. We can provide you with advice on sizes and materials for labels with different purposes, so you always end up with the right labels for your business.

Some of the labels we provide are:

  • White Gloss Polypropylene (PP) Labels
  • Matt White PP Labels
  • Semi-Gloss Labels

Why choose PP labels?

These are synthetic labels that are perfect if you need your labels to withstand moisture, abrasion, oil spillages, etc.

We also have 10ml Peel & Reseal labels. These come with internal printed pages, and they are ideal for using on 10ml bottles. All you need to do is send us your artwork for the inside pages, and we will print these for you. You can then simply print your label on the face when you need to.

We deliver worldwide

Businesses all over the world trust us to provide them with high-quality labels fast, and we’re happy to deliver.

We deliver by courier, so please contact us to find out about costs if you are based overseas.

Ready to order your labels?

We would love to help you with your inkjet labels, so we invite you to try us out for yourself!

We’re not like other label companies who tell you they will get your order back to you fast and then leave you waiting. For next-day orders, or custom orders in 4 days, we can’t be beaten.

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