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Case Study: How we perfected the 2kg protein pouch.

Published by Sam Edney on 14th September 2023 | Pouches
2 Supplement Pouches - Efectiv Whey Choco Bueno and Peanut Butter Cups

Why are so many companies using pouches?

Amongst other things, pouches provide a convenient and easy way to supply powder, food or liquid products. Originally invented in the 1960’s by Louis Doyen – hence the commonly used phrase, “Doy Seal” – stand up pouches have become an integral part of packaging in today’s market. Best In Packaging explain more on this here.

With recent efforts to reduce total packaging weight, combined with consumer convenience, the use of stand-up pouches worldwide has dramatically increased in popularity. In major supermarkets and independent retailers alike, products packed in pouches are everywhere you look.

We believe that pouches must be looked at as an individualised and custom solution for every product or market they serve. We had such an experience with a customer last year, and below is the story of how it unfolded:

What drew our attention to the 2kg pouch?

The 2kg stand-up pouch posed a challenge placed at Readability’s doorstep by the team at Discount Supplements. They explained that their current pouch wasn’t meeting the required standard, and we knew we had to act swiftly. The images below illustrate the primary issue they encountered. The team reported a range of problems, from pouches breaking to seals exploding due to the high total fill and weight of the product. We were aware that with a pouch as large as this, the product’s weight would always be the primary concern.

Tear in pouch
Tear in pouch

STAGE 1: Where to begin?

The product – Efectiv Whey – is a protein supplement is a protein supplement specifically designed for gym users seeking to build lean muscle and enhance their recovery. We started by considering every detail, and I mean every detail. We assessed all aspects of the pouch with the client, including the product and journey that each pouch would take to reach its customer. We discussed and explored the failures and even bought some of their products to witness the issues firsthand. This discovery provided us with an exceptionally clear picture of the challenge we were now facing together.

STAGE 2: Now that we understand the challenge, what’s next?  

After identifying the primary environmental factors and considerations we needed to address, we moved on to testing our materials. We started by testing our initial choice – the material we commonly use for 1kg pouches in the supplement industry. However, it quickly became apparent that this material would not suffice to protect the product and withstand the handling involved in shipping pouches of this size.  

The next step was to innovate. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but this was uncharted territory for us, and with the added time pressure, the materials team had little room for error. The best approach for us was to explore the material and laminate combinations used for larger pouches in different categories. After conducting research, we reached a consensus that our team had discovered something worth progressing to the next stage – a production trial. After suggesting this, the team at Discount Supplements were thrilled, responding:

These are all tests we weren’t offered with our current pouch supplier and would have literally saved us from a messy situation!!”.

STAGE 3: The trial.

The test involved 25 machine-formed printed pouches, which were despatch to Discount Supplements. The testing process included filling the pouches with the required product, shipping these via courier to multiple locations and collecting feedback from trusted sources.

From artwork approval on the 27th of January 2022, it took us 5 working days to complete production, delivering the pouches on the 4th of February. We tested a few in house before sending them, yielding excellent results. Next stage, obtaining customer feedback.  

Here is a snippet from the email we received: “We’ve had more feedback and it’s still only positive, just have a few people left to hear from! We’re that confident at this point that we’ve had all 10 designs resized so once we’ve had the last few replies, we’re good to go with the order.”

STAGE 4: Finalising the product and delivering the new product.

At this stage, we had collectively evaluated the material, print quality, and our service levels, instilling confidence in both parties regarding our choice of packaging material. The next logical step was to proceed with an order, as functional stock was urgently required.

To ensure that there were no lingering doubts or buyer’s remorse, we conducted a final check to ensure the client was entirely satisfied with the product received before moving forward. On the 11th of March, we received the purchase order along with the final print artworks. We promptly reviewed and prepared the artworks to meet our printing standards and tolerances, sending these back for final approval within two days. From that point on, the rest is history.

Are you facing a challenge with your packaging?

If you’re in search of packaging solutions tailored to your specific product and market needs, look no further than Readability. With years of expertise in crafting customised packaging solutions, we’ve amassed invaluable industry and product knowledge that we’re eager to share with you. Our solutions aren’t just novel and effective; they’re designed to withstand the test of time and adapt seamlessly to changes in the market or your business direction.

Much like our journey with Discount Supplements, we’re prepared to embark on a similar journey with you.

Don’t settle for packaging that falls short of meeting your unique requirements. Connect with us today to discover how our expertise can enhance your product’s presentation, protection, and performance. Together, we can rewrite the story of your packaging success. Contact us now to kickstart your packaging journey.

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