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Sustainability statistics that might shock you:

Published by Sam Edney on 24th August 2023 | General
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Below are 10 interesting statistics of consumer opinion, focused on the subject of sustainability in product packaging.

1. 94% of UK consumers concerned about plastic packaging: According to a survey by YouGov, a staggering 94% of UK consumers express concern about the use of plastic packaging, with 81% being “very” or “fairly” concerned. This demonstrates the widespread unease surrounding plastic packaging’s environmental impact.

2. 72% of UK shoppers are willing to pay more for products that come in sustainable packaging: A study conducted by McKinsey & Company found that 72% of global consumers are willing to pay more for products packaged sustainably. This showcases the value consumers place on packaging that aligns with their environmental values.

3. 89% of consumers expect brands to act sustainably: In a global study by IBM and the National Retail Federation, 89% of consumers stated that they expect brands to act sustainably and address environmental concerns, including packaging waste.

4. 67% of consumers want transparent packaging information: A survey by Trivium Packaging reveals that 67% of consumers want clear and understandable recycling information on packaging. This highlights the demand for transparent communication about packaging materials and recycling practices.

5. 76% of consumers choose paper packaging over plastics: A research study by Two Sides found that 76% of consumers in the UK, Europe, and the United States prefer paper-based packaging over plastic for environmental reasons.

6. 80% of UK shoppers favour recyclable packaging: The Retail Institute’s survey indicates that 80% of UK shoppers prefer products with recyclable packaging, reflecting a strong preference for materials that contribute to a circular economy.

7. 87% of consumers believe that companies should reduce packaging waste: According to a study by GlobalWebIndex, 87% of consumers believe companies should be doing more to reduce plastic packaging waste, emphasising the responsibility brands have in addressing this issue.

8. Over half of consumers share packaging-related experiences online: A survey by Packaging Gateway reveals that 57% of consumers are likely to share their experiences with sustainable or environmentally friendly packaging on social media, amplifying the impact of packaging sustainability efforts.

9. 60% of consumers purchasing decisions are impacted by whether a product is packaged in sustainable packaging: A Nielsen study found that 60% of global consumers actively consider a product’s packaging sustainability before making a purchase, highlighting the influence of packaging on buying decisions.

10. 86% are willing to try a new brand for reasons linked to sustainability: The International Food Information Council’s research indicates that 86% of consumers are willing to switch to a different brand if it’s associated with a cause they care about, including sustainability and responsible packaging.

These statistics highlight the profound impact of packaging sustainability on consumer behaviour, purchasing decisions and customer retention. As consumers become increasingly conscious of the environmental impacts of packaging choices, businesses must respond by adopting sustainable packaging practices to meet everchanging expectations, if they plan to maintain and grow their market share.

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