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Food and drink pouches: The flexible opportunities in traditional industries

Published by Sam Edney on 09th January 2023 | Pouches
Printed pouches with spouts

‘New Year, New Me’ attitude for 2023? Your product packaging is a pretty good place to start don’t you think?

Printed stand-up pouches are being used among all sorts of industries and there’s no sign of it slowing down. Stand-up Pouches Procurement Research highlights this growth stemming from consumer demand for portable, convenient and durable packaging that provides opportunity for both on-the-go consumption as well as use at home. To keep today’s consumers satisfied, businesses need to embrace the introduction of innovative solutions which disrupt the traditional packaging market- especially in the food and beverage industries. Now let me introduce to you… flexible packaging solutions with Readability.

(Find out more information about why pouches are a popular form of packaging here.)

Some of the main industries include haircare, cosmetics, handwash/cream, household products and supplements so why not add food and beverages to the list? The type of flexible pouch packaging at Readability can vary between stand-up, flat/pillow or retort. I won’t say too much about these different types during this blog so check out the specifics by reading our blog on food pouches.

But why use custom printed pouches?

2022 saw the rise in custom printed packaging which is predicted to further increase as the years go by and it is expected that the market will hit $51.74 billion by the end of 2030 (Precedence Research). Acting as the ‘silent salesman’, custom printed pouches are key to creating a unique brand position, forming direct relationships with your consumers (by pulling on their heart strings) and communicating who you are as a brand.

Other benefits for businesses who choose this consumer-focused option include:

  • Taking your branding to the next level and increasing brand recognition.
  • Harnessing an effective marketing tool to create brand awareness.
  • Differentiating from competition.
  • Grabbing consumer attention.
  • Custom sizing to fit your product perfectly.
  • Enhancing your consumer experience.
  • Sustainable options.

Custom printed pouches for food and drink

The packaging you choose for your products impacts the consumers purchasing decision more than we think. In fact, it has been found that 64% of consumers try a new product because the packaging grabs their attention (Nielsen). Transparency Market Research found that the value of the global stand-up pouch market is expected to develop a significant amount by 2026. The expansion is a result of the food and beverage industry making the transition from traditional, rigid packaging like boxes or tubs to more flexible packaging solutions since they fit into today’s practical yet sustainable lifestyle.

The ability of custom manufactured packaging is understated. It allows brands who invest time and money into their packaging to truly stand out on the shelf. In 2023, relevance and reactiveness are key to the choices being made by companies when selecting the imagery and wording that will be on their pouch. Take a second to imagine you are walking through a shop, like Tesco. Every aisle is awash with options and therefore competition. The brands who have experienced the largest year on year growth have found their point of differentiation and keep their colours consistent making sure this is encapsulated on their products packaging.

A primary role of food and drink packaging is to protect the contents from external factors and to provide consumers with ingredient and nutritional information. At Readability, we have a variety of materials available to suit both yours and your products requirements with upmost flexibility to keep up with constant changes in legislations and nutritional information.

Sourcing your food and drink pouches with Readability is made easy with our offering of:

  • Low minimum order quantities.
  • A wide range of material substrates.
  • Reducing origination costs.
  • Reducing lead times from the usual 6 weeks+ to just a few days.
  • Consistently high quality, every time.

Consumer benefits

  • Addition of embellishments like spouts or resealable zippers for user-friendliness- even for kids!
  • Added convenience for your customers who want to consume on the go as well as at home.
  • Lightweight, eco-friendly and durable packaging to last throughout your products lifetime.
  • Products are kept fresh- high barrier materials offer defence against punctures, moisture and odours to preserve freshness. 

What can Readability do to help?

Whether you choose a spouted or non-spouted pouch, with a resealable zipper or not, digitally printing your custom food and drink pouches with Readability is the next step to stand out in 2023. Our 100% bespoke, custom printing service gives you and your business the opportunity to grab the attention of consumers whilst taking your branding to the next level. 64% of your target audience try something new because they like the fancy packaging… 64%!!

With a variety of material options, including sustainable solutions (yes, we can source recyclable zippers and spouts too!), let us help you embrace innovative packaging solutions in the food and drink industry. Make the change to flexible packaging and rely on us to do the rest.

Interested? Contact us today to discuss your pouch packaging requirements.

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