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Zip it up: Why is adding a resealable zipper a winner for your product?

Published by Sam Edney on 31st January 2023 | Pouches
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Previously viewed as no more than an element of product protection, packaging in today’s environment has a much more versatile role. It must preserve freshness, keep contamination away from the product, be lightweight for easy transportation and storage; all whilst persuading customers your product is the best to buy in the market. A lot to consider, right?

Consumer expectations are higher today than they ever have been before; most of your buyers are looking for a truly well-rounded product. The added challenge of sustainability is increasing the difficulty in making the right selection. 45% of consumers surveyed across 24 different countries in 2021 avoid single-use plastic packaging (Ellen Macarthur Foundation) and 74% of consumers feel that reseal-ability is somewhat or very important (The National Provisioner) – so the demand for resealable packaging is on the rise.

Pouch with resealable zipper and one-way valve

This picture shows an example of a pouch manufactured in a clear material with a resealable zipper and a one-way valve, suitable for a variety of industries.

Extended Shelf Life and Product Protection

A resealable zipper adds an extra layer of protection from external elements such as dirt, moisture, and dust without disrupting the aesthetic look of the packaging. It ensures the product within, whether it’s a solid food product or powdered product, is secure whilst preserving freshness for the full shelf life. Consumers often feel purchases are much more worthwhile when the product is kept fresh so protecting its longevity instantly increases consumer satisfaction, boosts brand loyalty, and improves chances of purchase.

Naturally, food quality degrades over time due to several different factors. To keep quality high and consumer disappointment low, resealable pouch packaging should be used for preservation of nutrients, taste, and aroma. Significant for products with strong flavours like protein powders, strong aromas like coffee and foods that go stale pretty quickly, resealable zippers ensure consumers experience your high-quality from the first use to the final one.

Reduce Waste

Considering sustainability, the addition of resealable zippers enables the primary package to be used continuously throughout the products lifestyle. This eliminates the need for additional storage containers once the product has been opened to reduce material use and cost. Readability is able to match the material of the zipper to the material of the pouch, creating a full recyclable and efficient package for product preservation.

Consumer Convenience

Resealable pouch packaging offers the benefit of consuming a product over a period of time rather than all at once. Not only does this tackle the amount of food wasted, but also tailors to the trend of the busy consumer lifestyle. As there is an increased consumer shift towards convenience and a change in attitudes and behaviours, consumers no longer primarily focus on the product at the point of purchase. Instead, when looking at custom printed food pouches, supplement pouches and tea/coffee pouches, they weigh up options of convenience and reseal-ability. The end client now demanding fresh, on-the-go products calls for resealable pouch packaging because of the simplicity to open, store, carry, re-close and dispose of- without the product going stale. Resealable zippers are the perfect application for products like dried fruits, chocolate or nuts which typically would contain more than one serving yet consumed as a snack.

Spill Proof

Whether you are packaging food like fruits and nuts, powdered products like proteins or supplements or coffee granules, resealable pouch packaging enables customers to re-seal their pouch once used, and reduces chances of spillage, mess and product waste.

How can Readability help?

Digitally printing your pouches with Readability offers a highly customisable, effective packaging solution that is suitable for all needs. With the ability to add these zippers to a variety of material substrates, including compostables, recyclables and more standard materials like metallised PET’s, the freshness of your products and extended shelf life is guaranteed. You can check out our pouch material page here for the options available.

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