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Packaging for Poisons

Published by Chris Edney on 01st September 2020 | General

There is no room for error when packaging poisons – the substance could be fatal if misused. There is a lot to think about, from the legal requirements and safety standards, through to making your brand stand out.

Here are four key things we think you should consider:

#1 – is your messaging and branding clear?

From a safety perspective, it is vital that your message is clear. Your customer needs to know what your product is, how to use it and how to store it.

It’s also important to have strong branding on your packaging. Will your product stand out next to your competitor on the crowded shop shelf? There is a lot that can be done to help ensure customers choose your product including bold colours, different finishes, unusual label shapes, all while making sure the safety information is clearly displayed.

#2 – do you have the legally required warnings?

When supplying poisons or any potentially harmful substance, it is a legal requirement that you include safety warnings. We recommend thorough research, contacting the relevant trade association or consulting trading standards to make sure you fulfil all requirements.

Some products require tactile warning triangles which are self-adhesive raised clear triangles. These raised (braille style) shapes alert blind or partially sighted users that they are handling a dangerous or hazardous product. By law, packaging for products labelled as ‘very toxic’, ‘corrosive’, ‘toxic’, ‘harmful’ or ‘extremely flammable’ must carry a tactile warning triangle.

Find out more about our tactile warning triangles

#3 – does your product need an information leaflet?

It can be hard to fit all the required information on a label, supplying a leaflet gives you more space to provide important information. Find out more about Readability’s patient information leaflets.

#4 – is your label or packaging durable? 

If you are supplying a dangerous substance, it is vital that your packaging is durable. It is important that your label remains attached and that the print does not fade or degrade.

Find out more about our waterproof labels.


If you are still unsure about your packaging needs, contact our team today, we’re happy to support you with finding the right solution.

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