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Sustainability on the agenda? A case study with Kendricks Coffee and PE recyclable pouches.

Published by Sam Edney on 03rd February 2023 | Pouches

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses have been under more pressure to implement a sustainable strategy. For 2023, PKG have found that 68% of brands have publicly announced their intent to maintain sustainability efforts while 36% have committed to using sustainable packaging. Whether this means a move to recyclable or plastic-free compostable packaging, choose Readability as your printed packaging partner.

We have just finished a sustainable project with Kendrick’s CBD Coffee and Sydney caught up with them to find out about their experience with us and our product.


Wind back to last year, Kendricks Coffee joined forces with Dr. Ed (a premium CBD producer) to create a ‘delicious, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly range of CBD infused coffee products.’ After creating a quality blend, all that was left to source was high quality, yet sustainable custom printed coffee pouches- which proved to be a little more difficult than anticipated. Encountering supplier problems with communication, slow replies and no samples, it seemed that Sam’s call came at the right time for Kendrick’s Coffee- perfect timing, right?

The Solution

Looking for a supplier who is reliable, easy to work alongside with sustainability at the heart, Kendricks Coffee and Readability formed a partnership. After a few conversations regarding materials and  a closer look at some of our sustainable samples, a Recyclable PE material was selected. Kendricks with the guidance of Readability, chose to add both resealable zippers (which their customers love and think are handy)and a one-way degassing valve (keeping the coffee fresh, releasing gas after roasting and preventing pouch inflation)- a ‘quality’ and ‘practical’ material suitable for recycling across the UK.

Kendricks printed coffee pouches

The Experience

Sydney: “Out of 10, how easy was your overall experience with Readability?”

Rob: “10-Lovely start to finish”.

Sydney: “What was good?”

Rob: “Straight from the offset, speed was brilliant, service was brilliant and Sam was brilliant. Everything was quick, emails we’re sent within 5 minutes to really get things moving.”

Sydney: “What do you think of the pouches?”

Rob: “They look clean and are unique so our range of CBD coffee stands out amongst the rest. Our customers have asked us why all of our bags aren’t like this…. Must mean they like them, right?”

Sydney: “Is the quality as expected?”

Rob: “The quality exceeded expectations.”

Sydney: “Were you happy with the lead time?”

Rob: “Yes, the lead time was great, around 10 working days. Other places were offering around the 3 to 4 week mark!”

Sydney: “Would you recommend working with Readability?”

Rob: “Yes, 100%.”

Sydney: Is there anything you can think of that could be improved?”

Rob: “Trying to think of something witty… but honestly nothing.”

After weeks of trying to find a supplier who could make the perfect coffee bags for us, Sam contacted me and told me Readability would be the best option and could supply me with exactly what I wanted. From start to finish, the service from everyone was exemplary, but most importantly the final bags that I was delivered are amazing and they were for a completely fair price. Thank you Sam, Sydney and the rest of the Readability team, I thoroughly recommend for anyone to choose you as their supplier.’ – Robert Loydell.

The range is kicking off! Get your Kendricks Coffee fix here

Next Steps

Curious to find out how we can work with your brands on quality, practical and sustainable packaging? Get in touch with the Readability team on 01440 712273.

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