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Take the hassle out of printing labels: Pre-print them with Readability.

Published by Sam Edney on 23rd February 2023 | Labels

The world of labelling can be complex. Think about all of the information that needs to be printed in an incredibly small space – descriptive information about the product, size, ingredients and so on. That’s without mentioning the branding. Whether you’re operating in the e-liquid industry, food and drinks, cosmetics or supplements, extensive information is usually required on the label and is where pre-printing comes into its element. Essentially, these are labels that have all information and descriptions pre-printed onto them, as well as graphics, and are ready to be applied straight to your product.

Regardless of the industry you are operating in, pre-printed labels can make the difference to your consumers. Today’s consumer wants confidence in your product and your choice of labelling is the perfect place to start. One study, “The Impact of the Content of the Label on the Buying Intention (2019)” highlighted the importance of printed labels to the purchasing decision. Main drivers included the relaying of informative information, identification of the brand they are purchasing from and the ease of separating one product from another. Meaning it is not only vital for your brand to be recognised by consistent and clear themes or logos, but it is also key that the ingredients and benefits of your products are clear and digestible for your target consumer. An easy read makes for an easy sale.

Other than influencing the consumers purchasing choice, why use pre-printed labels?

  • Creates an identity to increase brand recognition- using graphics, colours and design.
  • Differentiate and stand-out from competitors- you can use customised pre-printed labels to gain competitive advantages when selling similar products in similar markets.
  • Makes consumers life (and choice) easier as they can identify different products within your range.
  • Enables your business to save time because you can print all information, descriptions, barcodes, expiry dates and batch codes directly onto the label in one process.
  • Complies with rules and regulations surrounding nutritional and ingredient information that is to be placed on the label.
  • An extensive marketing/advertising strategy. Use pre-printed labels to promote your brand once it’s left the store or to promote other products you sell.

Supplying labels into several of the above-mentioned industries means that we hear it all. It seems that companies are experiencing issues that are more common than we first thought. These surround a few different areas and from what we’ve heard, can have a significant impact on business operations. These are frustratingly long lead times; varying delivery dates; expensive origination costs for different artwork designs; restrictively high MOQ’s and consistently inconsistent quality. All of which disrupt production lines; delay product launches; interfere with cash flow, reduce NPD and limit the total variation within your offered ranges. Sound familiar?

How can Readability help?

What if I told you Readability had a solution to all of the above? You wouldn’t have to worry about varying delivery dates; you wouldn’t have to worry about cash flow and you certainly wouldn’t have to worry about your production lines being halted. Why? Because we offer something different. For many years we have consistently offered:

  • Some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry and a mutually agreed delivery date. This means you can be first to the market and on time when delivering to your customers.
  • Low MOQ’s allowing you to release multiple flavours and product types so we can help you to increase your product range, without worrying about cash flow.
  • Consistent quality from print to print- no worries or concerns about our standards with vigorous quality control and the setting of colour standards.
  • Low or no origination costs so you can release limited edition or seasonal ranges without any additional payments.
  • An expert opinion on print, packaging and how we can make your packaging work for you.

Readability guarantee all of the above. A full-service promise is offered so communication is efficient- and you are supported throughout the entire ordering process. Is there anything else you need from your pre-printed label supplier? Let us know, we’ve probably forgot to include that we can do it!

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